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~~~To-Do List:~~~

Kidlet's To Do List

:star: Commissions :star:

Irken-Risk -Ref of Risk
:bulletred:Dragonious -Big bottle pixel

:star: Stuff I owe to people :star:

:bulletpurple: Corrupted-Mooch Drawing and 2 bottle pixels
:bulletpurple:oreog *Kroe attempting to kill Blue (drawing)
* And bottle pixels of Vira (bottle filling up), Pfosh (panicked in a bottle) and Estri (swimming in stars)
:bulletpurple: KristoonzArtist76 Two bouncy pixels.
:bulletpurple: serenadefox Big bottle pixel and a static pixel for winning the IP pageant
:bulletpurple: Croi and Blue poledancing for :iconheavenbat:
:bulletpurple: Uro and Lenia kissing under mistletoe for :iconirken-risk:

:star: Art Trades I owe :star:
:bulletgreen:ChrisRisk Her Irkensona drinking Tea with Omelette & a chrismas pic that I should have done a month ago OTL
:bulletgreen: SaintHeartwing Purple and Red...
:bulletgreen: IrkenInvaderNyx bottle pixel of Nyx
:bulletgreen: DeustisOfShadows Kamatz

:star: other stuff that has to be done :star:
:bulletblue: Irkpreciation tumblr made all pretty
:bulletblue: Irkpreciation christmas pic... (I never finished asdfghjk OTL
:bulletblue: Continue my Art war with :iconhierophant:
:bulletblue: Throw random art at people because I can

made by the lovely

So since Jassy's bunking with me... we be thinking of streaming tonight. Whatchu all want us to do... 

10 deviants said Art
8 deviants said Video Games
5 deviants said Read a Dramatical reading of My Immortal together.



Jul 29, 2015
4:37 pm
Jul 28, 2015
9:25 pm
Jul 28, 2015
9:14 pm
Jul 28, 2015
7:42 pm
Jul 28, 2015
10:38 am

All the things go round~

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 9:10 PM
So its been a while since I wrote a Journal...

a little way too long...

so Lets give out a short summary since the last one shall we?

Anyways as you all know or if you didn't... :iconheavenbat: stayed down here in the beginning of July to attend Anime Expo.

It was amazing~

We even got married~ (lol jokefully mind you, we didn't actually get married... but if anyone wants the picture you are gonna have to bug Jas for it. )

While we were there we had a fun time, and we ended up meeting a few youtubers such as Octopimp and Dodger~<3

asdfghjkfdsa It was really great, also got alot of booty when I went to Anime Expo~ including a few plushes...

20150704 194604 by Heavenbat

the lavender octopi, the polka dotted one and rhe pink one with a cone on his head~

All mine~

Their names are Benedick (Dick for short), Richard and Charles. XD

meanwhile the more magenta one belongs to :iconocteapi: cuz we (and by we... I mean me...) kept spamming her wih these little guys. So she asked that we get her one.

The Bat, the cyndaquil and the doggy are what Jassy bought.

Cyndaquil is called Simba, and the doggy is Barkamides. lawl

It was sad though after all the fun and games and endless subway, I had to say goodbye to my bat QAQ

Maybe in a few months I can ditch a whole week of work and join him up in Washington.


What have I been up to...

I got my final picture for :iconspace-extravaganza: being worked on, (and I totes not procrastinating till the last minute...)



and then there is TBF... eh at this point I'm at that moment where I can either pass or die in round 3 XD I usually don't make it to stuff after round 3.

Also I may have screwed myself in agreeing to be a face painter for a coworker...

she kept insisting I do it cuz I can draw, but I kept telling her drawing and painting are two different things...

so Saturday I'm probably gonna die trying to facepaint some five year old's face.

Ill never live it down.

also I really need to get my art into gear...

its been a while since I drew stuff

Anything you guys wanna see? hit me up on the comments below~



Name: ProjectHalfbreed
AKA: Kiddo, Kidlet, Kidling, Kiddles, the database, Crack Queen, The shipping Queen, Halfbreed Betch (<-Duo gave me that one), Kid-nugget (given to me by Zerna)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual
Nationality: Mexican American
Height: 5'6
Location: U.S.


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