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OK so Jassy and I are going to Anime Expo in LA during the first week of July, anyone else gonna be there? 

16 deviants said >:U screw you I can't go, I have no money.
3 deviants said me! :U (comment so I can try to find you.)

Skype chat moments!

Kid1412: still~ another character... didn't you tell us to shoot you each time you made another character
Leon Thorn: Yes, yes I did.
Kid1412: *grabs marshmellow gun and aims at Leon*
Kid1412: *shot*
Leon Thorn: *catches the marshmallow in mid flight with my hand*
Kid1412: Jassy! attack!
Damon Hunter: Jassy. SIT.
Jas: *rolls towards Leon*
Leon Thorn: *punts Jassy into a pile of marshmallows* Bad Jassy. >8(
Kid1412: XDDD



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May 26, 2015
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May 25, 2015
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100 Truths (Tagged)

Journal Entry: Fri May 22, 2015, 10:41 PM
Tagged by my husbando~ :iconheavenbat:

001. Real Name: Crystal Jeanette Hernandez Moreno Ramirez Gomez... (please try to never call me this... just stick to the nicknames)

002. Nickname(s): Kiddo, Kidlet, Kidling, Kiddles, Kiddie, the database, Crack Queen,  The shipping Queen, Kiddle-Skittle and Kid-butt.

003. Zodiac Sign: I am a Ram in the Chinese Zodiac, if we talking astrology sign then I am a Leo
004. Male or Female: Female

005. Nursery: ahahaha, I actually never attended Pre-school. My mom was still so clingy to me to the point I argued with her to let me go to school.

006. Primary School: I went to two elementary schools, since I moved houses during the summer before the start of second grade. Marshall and El Rancho.

007. Secondary School: Magnolia Jr. High, its also the place where I picked up Art~ If we talking Highschool then that would be Chino High.

008. Hair Colour: Brown, with grey hairs in some of the strands.

009. Long or Short: short hair, my security guard calls me 'Sailor Mercury; because of my haircut.

010. Loud or Quiet: Depends on the situation really, if Im with friends, then Loud, if by myself, at work, or an unknown location I will be quiet.

011. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans~

012. Phone or Camera: Phone, cuz I don't exactly own a camera.

013. Health Freak: Nope! I need my fast food.

014. Drink or Smoke: neither, I've tried alcohol but I find myself hating the taste.

015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: what is this crush you speak of? XD

016. Political orientation: Democrat

017. Piercings: Ears were pierced when I was 2 weeks old and they are the only piercings I got.

018. Tattoos: None, too chicken to get them.

019. Airplane: Only to my trip to Texas and back.
020. Car Accident: Nope
021. Fist Fight: My brother, he and I traded blows this year, and the year before. Nowadays we just keep it calm. But the asshole can tick my patience level from 0-100 in a beat.

022. First piercing: Earrings.
023. First Best Friend: err... good question. Sadly I can't really remember.

024. First Instrument played: none, I've never picked up an instrument.

025. First award: Perfect Attendance.

026. First Crush: Romantic crush?  ahahaha none, unless anime husbando crushes count.

027. First Language: Spanish

028. First Big Vacation: owo dunno actually my family has never taken a vacation longer then a day or so. The only longest trip was done by My sister and I when we went to Anime Expo, and Invadercon III on the same month.

029. Last Person you talked to: Mom is the last person I talked to in RL, Online that would be Jassy and Fox (three-way chat ftw)

030 Last Person You Texted/messaged: Mom

031. Last Person You Watched: hmmm that would be Zelchanic
032. Last Food You Ate: Chicken Tamale and Coffee
032. Last Movie You Watched: Age of Ultron~
034. Last Song You listened to:…
035. Last Thing You Bought: Juice!

036. Last Person You Hugged: I hugged my cat today, if we want human then that would be mom.

037. Food: Tamales Dorados, (basically its when you have left over tamales and to warm it up instead of cooking it the microwave or something, you cook it on an oil pan and make it crispy on the outside and warm and tasty on the inside.)

038. Drinks: Coffee~<3 Soda
039. Clothing: T-shirt, jeans, hoodies.
040. Book: Interview with a Vampire.
041. Colour: Purple and Pink
042. Flower: Sun Flowers
043: Music:I love all kinds of music, I prefer ones with a good hidden meaning and beat.

044. Movie: Dempends man.... if you wanna see my cry like a sissy I suggest you make me watch movies with sad endings where they lose someone in the end.

045. Shoes: Nike.

046. Subjects: History, and Art.

047. [] Kissed in the rain
048. [x] Celebrated Halloween.
049. [] Had Your Heart Broken
050. [] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone
051. [x] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation (Everyone keeps asking me if I like men or women)
052. [x] Weapons (does my Dad's old knife count... sort of found it while cleaning my room)
053. [] Breath fire
054. [] Had an Abortion.
055. [X] Done something you've Regretted (I tend to remember stuff from past years and facepalm at the stuff I said)
056. [X] Broke a Promise (maybe... cant remember)
057. [x] Kept a Secret
058. [x] Pretended To Be Happy (eh, its happens. Its easier to pretend to be happy then let the people I care about worry about me.)
059. [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life (I always meet someone that makes an impact on my life)
060. [] Pretended To Be Sick
061. [] Left The Country.  (cruise to the bahamas)
062. [X] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
063. [x ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing. (just link me to sad stuff, and reunions on youtube... I cry like a baby)
064. [ ] Ran a Mile (
065. [] Went To the Beach
066. [x] Stayed Single (Ill be single forever)

067. Eating: Tamales
068. Drinking: Coffee
069. Getting Ready To: go to bed
070. Listening To: Tea's stream and my heater fan.
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Probably cash in my check and head to the bank so the card has money, so I can buy that bed I want.
072. Waiting For: Anime Expo (and seeing Jassy again asdfghjfkasd)

073. Want Kids: someday
074. Want To Get Married: if it happens, highly doubt it.
075. Careers in mind: Animator, artist...

WHICH IS BETTER ON A BOY/GIRL: dafuq would I know... I see boys as idiots, and girls as idiot... all of us are idiots. Everyone is an idiot.

076. Lips or Eyes: Eyes... its usually what draw me in, peoples eyes.
077. Shorter or Taller: taller
078. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both, because I can swtich it up in a heartbeat.
079. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Strong arms! Kiddo Smash!
080. Sensitive or Loud: either
081. Hook-up Or Relationship: Either
082. Troublemaker or Hesitant: Either... (Ill be the mother hen and stop them)

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: nope.
084. Ran Away From Home: there wouldn't be a point, because Kiddo is a good girl that always comes home.
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defence: box cutter that I carry, and various mechanical pencils to stab people... (I tend to walk to work in the early mornings, so its still dark so I carry the weapons in case I get jumped)
086. Killed Somebody: ahahaha no...
087. Broken Someone's Heart: Hopefully not.
088. Been Arrested: XD not yet

090. Yourself: eh...sometimes but then again if you don't believe in yourself, there will always be someone else that will believe in you.
091. Miracles: ahaha... sometimes
092. Love at First Sight: nope
093. Heaven: I hope there is a heaven...
094. Santa Claus: no
096. Magic: ... well I would lie if I said no... so yeah I believe in some magic

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Jassy... the most cuz He needs friends around him right now.

098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: A bit, I could do better... Honestly I would love to go back to school and get a job I actually enjoy.
099. Are You Happy With The Person You're With: yeah.... the person Im usually with is my family... its small and broken but they are all I got XD and I wouldn't change that for the world.
100. Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People:


~~~To-Do List:~~~


:star: Commissions :star:

Irken-Risk -Ref of Risk
:bulletred:Dragonious -Big bottle pixel

:star: Stuff I owe to people :star:

:bulletpurple: Corrupted-Mooch Drawing and 2 bottle pixels
:bulletpurple:oreog *Kroe attempting to kill Blue (drawing)
* And bottle pixels of Vira (bottle filling up), Pfosh (panicked in a bottle) and Estri (swimming in stars)
:bulletpurple: KristoonzArtist76 Two bouncy pixels.
:bulletpurple: serenadefox Big bottle pixel and a static pixel for winning the IP pageant
:bulletpurple: Croi and Blue poledancing for :iconheavenbat:
:bulletpurple: Uro and Lenia kissing under mistletoe for :iconirken-risk:

:star: Art Trades I owe :star:
:bulletgreen:ChrisRisk Her Irkensona drinking Tea with Omelette & a chrismas pic that I should have done a month ago OTL
:bulletgreen: SaintHeartwing Purple and Red...
:bulletgreen: IrkenInvaderNyx bottle pixel of Nyx
:bulletgreen: DeustisOfShadows Kamatz

:star: other stuff that has to be done :star:
:bulletblue: Irkpreciation tumblr made all pretty
:bulletblue: Valentine's day art for Irkpreciation valentines day exchange
:bulletblue: Irkpreciation christmas pic... (I never finished asdfghjk OTL
:bulletblue: help make the :iconirkpreciation: page all pretty.
:bulletblue: Continue my Art war with :iconhierophant:
:bulletblue: Throw random art at people because I can
:bulletblue: TBF comic for round 2


Name: ProjectHalfbreed
AKA: Kiddo, Kidlet, Kidling, Kiddles, the database, Crack Queen, The shipping Queen, Halfbreed Betch (<-Duo gave me that one)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual
Nationality: Mexican American
Height: 5'6
Weight: (Data not avalible)
Location: U.S.
Likes: Coffee, Friends,Food, Art, Pixeling, Shipping, Yaoi, crack shipping, cross dressing males, cute things, and various other things.
Dislikes: Stalkers, Large crowds, Empty fridges, Boredom, Art Block, People that seem to keep everyone down, depression, Idiots who have huge sticks up their asses..
Don't hesitate to drop by and say hello

Badges - Team Coffee by serenadefox Badges - Team Soda by serenadefox Slenderman static pixel by ProjectHalfbreed


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