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I don't accept point commissions at the moment, I do however accept Money commissions. I'm trying to save up for future events I'm going to like Invadercon 3 and Anime Expo 2014. For Pricing and info click on the maid Kid button.

Art Trades

Hmm, I'm more 50/50 on Art trades if I have time I do accept art trades, however I expect the person I do art trade to completely their half of the trade and put effort into it. So I will occasionally accept them if I'm in a good mood or if I'm not too busy.


Only for friends. Requests are only offered on live stream or if I am in a generous mood and with nothing to do. So please don't spam on Deviations or the front page for a request or beg me to make you something. I'll refuse, Also try not to do the whole. 'If I friend her, I'll get free art.' I swear to whatever universal being that watches over us that... will definitely go into Rage mode. B(

Collabs: Ask Me

Oh this one is a toughy, due to the fact the only time I do collabs if either with friends or for a good cause like if someone mentions they are trying to get artists to draw something on a huge picture for a friend to get well or to cheer them up. Other times I do collabs is also when I have time. So for this one you may ask 50/50 chance that I'll accept a collab.

Back in California (Long Journal)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 3:32 PM
Yo everyone~!

I just landed here back in L.A. and I'm currently at the airport with a frappe mocha with caramel after a long flight.


I am truly amazed on how much I loved this year's Invadercon!

So much fun stuff despite on how we got left at the airport Friday morning at midnight...

And then having to go through Airport security twice because the first time we got stopped due to my sister having a perfume and lotion that was over the limit in a carry-on. So I had to pay 25 bucks to be a carrier-bag.

We got on the plane and I'll admit I was a nervous wreck seeing as this was my first flight, and various moths of watching nothing except 'Mayday Air crash investigations' didn't help either.

However we made it safely but I was pissed we had to pay wifi... the moment I saw that I was like 'screw it' and played Mad Father for the two and a half hours and beat the game within that time limit.

We got to the AUS Airport and hoped onto taxi ride to the Hotel and hot damn it is expensive asdfghjk 65 bucks.
It was an hour before I finally got to meet Heavenbat (aka Jassy) For the first time.

We glomped each other and we pretty much showered each other with our own gifts.

The badges weren't gonna be handed out till 9pm. So Me and Jassy ended up like swimming around the pool for the time being because we honestly had no idea what to do XD there was a wiffle ball in there and we just threw it around for fun. (and Jassy hit me with it on my head... ow >w<)

By the time 9pm came, we met CuddlesAndHuggles Joydroid  and TheEvilTeaDrinker  in the lobby. Jassy was to scared to go up to them. I was just debating if I should scream 'coffee is the best drink ever' just to get Tea's attention. In the end Cuddles noticed Jassy and pretty much tackle glomped him XD.

I ended up giving them the buttons I made them which they loved and the proceed to wait in line for almost an hour before we got our badges and re-headed back to the pool.

We swam for half an hour before the pool closed and then we head all to bed. Me, Jassy and my sister were on the 2nd floor. While Cuddles and the rest were in the 7th floor.


Next day on Saturday I ended up waking up around 6am and got dressed before waiting an hour later and waking up Jassy and My sister at 7am XD They weren't too happy with that and Jassy called me insane.

We waited in the lobby for a while before we decided on hitting the pool again, since the panels werent gonna start till 11.

we decided on just attending the Q and A panels with the Richard (aka Zim's voice actor)and Rodger (the voice actor to Prof. Membrane and Squidward) before we got bored and mingled with a few artist at the lobby. We met Eronell there too and I was happy to have met her~!

We got hungry during lunch  and jassy decided on Applebee's and I gotta say their food is pretty good. (yeah it was my first time heading to Applebee's)

Despite the hotel looking like its in the middle of nowhere its really close to a shopping center. A very well hidden shopping center :I

We came back just in time for the Kickstarter event  while jassy stayed in the lobby. The kickstarter had a raffle and had Richard and Rikki play ukelele for us which was hilarous.

Jassy came back in after the kickstarter panel finished, so we watched the costume contest and then we ended up at the lobby the rest of the night while the dance happen in the main hall.

I shit you not I was at a table with a bunch of ZADR fans and I asked them to help me out in getting art for the irkpreciation and talked to them for a while, they first thought I be weirded out because they were talking about their favorite stories and though I didn't ship... which was hilarious because you all know me as the shipping queen~ Also I met Lil-Banshee Xunstinua TallestKiyo (lil-banshee was looking for cuddles and was excited to meet her so Jassy texted cuddles and their group joined with us at the lobby.

After a while of mingling someone came in with cupcakes and chips and we were surprised for a moment before I realized it was the new Bloodsport owner crazycala, her fiance and ladylaguna.




But yes, I ended up staying there talking with Cala and everyone. (and still fangirling to Jenn's art because... I'll admit it. I am a huge fan of her art and Oc's.) Before we finally headed to bed around 2am.



Today, I woke up around 7:35 and decided to explore around the shopping center by myself while my sister and Jassy slept the rest of the hour and half I was away to see how far a lot of the restaurants are... and they are in fact very far with the walking distance. However I realized as I trying to come back that I could have taken another route with a more shorter distance. XD derp.

After I brought some Jack in the box for the sleepy nuggets at the hotel. We went to the Q and A with Rikki and Melissa since we missed those Q and A panels and during the Melissa panel we ended up creating this Gaz fan canon that in the final episode we find out she's adopted and her parents are humanoid alien Jedi that  are assigned to kill zim and were speculation as to who would want to kill zim and there were lots of theories as to who

And I went ahead to the vendor's room, where I got cute commissions, a sticker and a sketch of Kid, and Jassy got one of Zef. And he bought a 'how to train your dragon' bag while he was at it.

And then we met up with Cuddle's group and stayed there until the final panel of the con started which was the 'Panel of Doom' before the closing Ceremonies happened.

Though Richard Horvitz tried to get the fans riled up by telling them to tell Tom to have Invader-con 4 in Hawaii, then said if he wouldn't to make it an 'Invader-cruise. XDD Tom wasn't happy with that.

Then Jassy, my sis and I ate here in the hotel while Cuddles and her group went ahead to eat food at a Japanese Restaurant, About an hour later we got invited to join with Cuddles and her group stream and we stayed their till like 11 and we took lotsa pictures while we were there. QwQ I am gonna miss all of them... I swear I didn't want it to end.



The day we all had to leave and go back home, Cuddles and Ham were the first to go, While Me, My sister, Jassy and Tea met up at the airport and we stuck together before my flight and Tea's had to go... QAQ I miss you already Jassy! asdfghjkl I wanted to take you with me to California!

So now I'm here in California... and we are still at the airport. We are just waiting for my mom to come pick us up before we are all heading to the Beach.

Which I'm looking forward to, since I haven't been to the beach since last year. So *throws confetti* That was all I got with Invader con 3. I enjoyed it a lot, And I am hoping there is another Invadercon in the future. Because I want to see everyone again and possibly more of you!

And that's all I have to say XD sorry for such a long long post.

oh! and remember you all got 6 days before my contest ends. So you late entries better hurry!~


Name: ProjectHalfbreed
AKA: Kiddo, Kidlet, Kidling, Kiddles, the database, Crack Queen, The shipping Queen, Halfbreed Betch (<-Duo gave me that one)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual
Nationality: Mexican American
Height: 5'6
Weight: (Data not avalible)
Location: U.S.
Likes: Coffee, Friends,Food, Art, Pixeling, Shipping, Yaoi, crack shipping, cross dressing males, cute things, and various other things.
Dislikes: Stalkers, Large crowds, Empty fridges, Boredom, Art Block, People that seem to keep everyone down, depression, Idiots who have huge sticks up their asses..
Don't hesitate to drop by and say hello

Badges - Team Coffee by serenadefox Badges - Team Soda by serenadefox

HA sucks for everyone, due to a certain mooch~ Kid's being thrown in Bloodsport after all. 

13 deviants said So who's getting thrown into TBF?
8 deviants said NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
5 deviants said FACK!


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4:57 pm
Jul 31, 2014
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Skype chat moments!

Kid1412: still~ another character... didn't you tell us to shoot you each time you made another character
Leon Thorn: Yes, yes I did.
Kid1412: *grabs marshmellow gun and aims at Leon*
Kid1412: *shot*
Leon Thorn: *catches the marshmallow in mid flight with my hand*
Kid1412: Jassy! attack!
Damon Hunter: Jassy. SIT.
Jas: *rolls towards Leon*
Leon Thorn: *punts Jassy into a pile of marshmallows* Bad Jassy. >8(
Kid1412: XDDD


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