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I don't accept point commissions at the moment, I do however accept Money commissions. I'm trying to earn money due to being laid off from a job. So hopefully you guys would like to help out.

Art Trades

Hmm, I'm more 50/50 on Art trades if I have time I do accept art trades, however I expect the person I do art trade to completely their half of the trade and put effort into it. So I will occasionally accept them if I'm in a good mood or if I'm not too busy.


Only for friends. Requests are only offered on live stream or if I am in a generous mood and with nothing to do. So please don't spam on Deviations or the front page for a request or beg me to make you something. I'll refuse, Also try not to do the whole. 'If I friend her, I'll get free art.' I swear to whatever universal being that watches over us that... will definitely go into Rage mode. B(

Collabs: Ask Me

Oh this one is a toughy, due to the fact the only time I do collabs if either with friends or for a good cause like if someone mentions they are trying to get artists to draw something on a huge picture for a friend to get well or to cheer them up. Other times I do collabs is also when I have time. So for this one you may ask 50/50 chance that I'll accept a collab.


Journal Entry: Sat Nov 15, 2014, 5:39 AM
Hiya everyone~

So everything been peachy for a while, other then me napping more in the afternoons. XD

I've been catching up on my manga... so imagine my surprise finally seeing Naruto end. I haven't really read Shuppuden, but I figured I read the last few chapters to see how it ended.

And honestly I am happy 8D, Naruto ended up with Hinata which is actually one of my favorite pairings. Sure the ending was pretty rushed, but knowing that the series has been going for 15 years makes me feel old... dear god I still remember when I was in Jr. High when someone showed me the book.

Sadly the Naruto forums are divided since people are just complaining on how come Naruto and Sakura didn't get together to the point they were threatening the creator. tsk...tsk... idiots.

We should be happy that we got an ending a lot of anime's either get no ending or the ending makes you question a lot of things.

Like for example, This year also one of my favorite cyber punk/action Manga 'Battle Angel Alita: Last order' also ended this year. The ending was meh... it ended similar to how the original one series had ended. In a way it wasn't that bad but at the same time, It makes me wonder if there will be another chapter seeing as the main character is now in space and Ido wants to meet her again.

I was ok with the ending XD It was one of the first manga's I had read, and checked out from my Library back in the 6th grade.

Another example, isn't really a manga but rather a comic series known as 'Elfquest' I checked it out around the same time as 'Battle Angel Alita' It was a really good series owo up until it was left unfinished around a few years back, It was recently rebooted this year...

So much happens in it, but dear god, I like a good ending then just leaving me in a cliffhanger.

In other news I've actually been thinking of rewriting parts of Kid's past... and when I mean past. Mostly his beginning years.

This is due to having other characters, such as his father Matthais, and his caretaker Cornilius... I've expanded more on them then I had originally thought I would need. And I wanted to add it into Kid's story. It wouldn't change much from what I have now in the present time. Other then Kid knowing who his father is, but it would also give him reasons to return to Foodcourtia and also interact with his sibling whenever I get around to them.

Originally Kid just goes back because its the only planet he knows, but there are flaws to that, He could have just up and gone anywhere. With Matthais branch locations being on Foodcourtia it gives Kid alot more reason to go.

I'll have to write it all down... but hopefully there aren't any changes that would involve changing things in the present time.

Now if you'll excuse me I got some 'Elfquest' to read *scuttles.*

~~~To-Do List:~~~


:star: Commissions :star:
:bulletpurple:FortheLoveofKei (payment received) Purple Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple:Irken-Risk (payment received) Purple Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple:De-PAKed (payment received) Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple:Dragonious (payment received) Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

:star: Prizes I owe :star:
:bulletpurple: Pixel bottle and a drawing for Mutil8tor Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: bouncy pixel for Tulpen-Teufel Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: Bouncy pixel for Shleet338 Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: Drawing and 2 bottle pixels for Corrupted-MoochPurple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: 1 Drawing, 3 bouncy pixels, 3 bottle pixels for oreog Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

:star: Art Trades I owe :star:
:bulletpurple:XunstinuaTeaLover Picture of her irkenson drinking Tea with Omelette Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
:star:Art-trades & Commissions I'm waiting for:star:
:bulletpurple: RoboticMasterMindX picture of Matthais


Name: ProjectHalfbreed
AKA: Kiddo, Kidlet, Kidling, Kiddles, the database, Crack Queen, The shipping Queen, Halfbreed Betch (<-Duo gave me that one)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual
Nationality: Mexican American
Height: 5'6
Weight: (Data not avalible)
Location: U.S.
Likes: Coffee, Friends,Food, Art, Pixeling, Shipping, Yaoi, crack shipping, cross dressing males, cute things, and various other things.
Dislikes: Stalkers, Large crowds, Empty fridges, Boredom, Art Block, People that seem to keep everyone down, depression, Idiots who have huge sticks up their asses..
Don't hesitate to drop by and say hello

Badges - Team Coffee by serenadefox Badges - Team Soda by serenadefox Slenderman static pixel by ProjectHalfbreed


Nov 28, 2014
11:46 am
Nov 28, 2014
11:28 am
Nov 28, 2014
10:26 am
Nov 28, 2014
8:15 am
Nov 27, 2014
11:04 pm

So how many of you derps are excited for Pokemon omega ruby/ Alpha sapphire coming out this friday? 

13 deviants said Screw you I have no money.
9 deviants said Me!!!!!

Skype chat moments!

Kid1412: still~ another character... didn't you tell us to shoot you each time you made another character
Leon Thorn: Yes, yes I did.
Kid1412: *grabs marshmellow gun and aims at Leon*
Kid1412: *shot*
Leon Thorn: *catches the marshmallow in mid flight with my hand*
Kid1412: Jassy! attack!
Damon Hunter: Jassy. SIT.
Jas: *rolls towards Leon*
Leon Thorn: *punts Jassy into a pile of marshmallows* Bad Jassy. >8(
Kid1412: XDDD


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